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I Erode
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20 Buck Spin


After the scorching "Demise" LP in 2021, the Bay Area’s LACERATION have joined the ranks of 20 Buck Spin for the release of 2nd album "I Erode". Over the band’s lifetime, years of work and subtle refinement manifest now in LACERATION’s most assured and viscious material to date.

Absolutely loaded with hallmarks of US Death Metal’s peak era, "I Erode" vehemently explodes outta the gate with merciless riffs, savage tempos, tastefully fleshripping solos and the malevolent undercurrents of aggressive Death Thrash perfection. Striking an ideal balance of technical and straightforward, high speed and mid-paced breaks, and a concise, to the point attack packed with variety, "I Erode" offers a purely addictive shot of real Death Metal adrenaline in a lineage that includes Demolition Hammer to Morgoth to Suffocation.

While perhaps invoking a sense of nostalgia, the fact is LACERATION’s evolved confidence and commitment to a song’s unsparing execution erase any focus on era on the neck-breaking "I Erode". The dedication to the Death Metal form’s timelessness and high standards for true acknowledgment mark LACERATION’s output now more than ever.

"Excised" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/ElqZG099iYY


1. Degradation (Intro)
2. Excised
3. Sadistic Enthrallment
4. Vile Incarnate
5. Dreams Of The Formless
6. Carcerality
7. Strangled By Hatred
8. Impaling Sorrow
9. I Erode


Luke Cazares - Rhythm guitars and Vocals, lead guitars on "Dreams Of The Formless"
Donnie Small - Lead and Rhythm guitars
Aerin Johnson - Drums
Eli Small - Bass Guitar

Photo Credit: Bill Batchalor

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