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The Unwritten Pages Of Death
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Final Sacrifice Records


Emerged from the rugged fields of Flanders (Belgium), COLDBORN is the brainchild and solo endeavor of Norgaath (also active in Enthroned, Nightbringer & Grimfaug) and brings black metal in which atmosphere and variation are key factors. After the debut full-length album “Lingering Voidwards”, 8 new hymns are presented on the second album aptly titled “The Unwritten Pages of Death”. During live performances Norgaath focuses exclusively on vocals, assisted by 4 talented live members. These shows, characterized by diversity and passion, immerse audiences in the magic of COLDBORN's atmospheric black metal. Notable performances include sharing the stage with acclaimed acts such as Watain, Satyricon, Taake, Ancient Rites, Djevel, Ondskapt, Kampfar, Tulus and Hell Militia to name but a few.

The new album is titled “The Unwritten Pages of Death” and as the album unfolds, so does the narrative of death's unwritten pages, each track a testament to the inevitability of oblivion. While firmly rooted in black metal, the album is full of variation ranging from fastpaced blasts to doom-like passages and everything in between. The riffs pay homage to the iconic black metal bands of the 90s that shaped the genre, all the while carving out their own distinct trajectory. To create that extra layer of atmosphere, the songs are adorned with evocative acoustic & lead guitars and subtle synths.

"Silenced is the Choir of Euphoria" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/gtzNgwi2bPs


1. Foreboding
2. Silenced is the Choir of Euphoria
3. Cold Void Rife
4. The Antechamber of Eternal Sleep
5. Harps of Death Chiming Reverberant
6. Cornucopia Hungers for More
7. Life’s Aureole No Longer Gleaming
8. A Spectral Dance of Midnight Sorrow


Norgaath: Guitars, Bass, Keys & Vocals
Menthor: Session Drums & Percussion

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