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Gates Of Hell Records


Driving, unrelenting and unique! The debut offering from VISION MASTER, "Sceptre", combs the darkest depths for ten songs of blazing and unconventional classic metal!

Former Funerot members Dan Munro and Reuben Storey (Christian Mistress) have long imagined a band like VISION MASTER: Dark, but with mystical atmospheres adjoined with blistering guitar riffs, thunderous rhythms and soaring vocals.

The band’s first full-length, "Sceptre", is a fully-realized exercise in driving, unrelenting and unique true metal. Thoroughly recorded at Storey and Munro’s home studios, and with Tony “Baloney” Jefferson providing additional engineering, Sceptre was finally mastered by Justin Weis’.

Sceptre pushes boundaries across the traditional metal terrain, with VISION MASTER drawing from a wide range of influences that spans old-school metal as well as the likes of Brocas Helm, Slough Feg, Venom, Mercyful Fate and early Voivod. And, going down an even dirtier and extreme path, Discharge, Poison Idea, Die Kreuzen and classic black metal. It all adds up to a cosmic journey that, as Munro explains, “explores the depths of strange, unfamiliar realms and unrealities.”

Featuring cover art by Seventh Bell Artworks based on an experimental photographic collaboration between Dan and David Hoekje, "Sceptre" transports the listener into a futuristic world where a biological network sprawls across cities and xenon gas stores are the only hope for mankind. The album’s journey brings listeners to a mystical, sandstone throne with the power to probe the origins of mankind, ultimately asking the question: If you had the power to undo the petulant plague that is man, would you?”

"Wolves in the Shadows" - Official Track Stream: https://visionmaster.bandcamp.com/track/wolves-in-the-shadows


01. Wolves in the Shadows
02. Wet Net
03. Gossamer Sky
04. Knife in a Velvet Glove
05. Walls of Bone
06. Sandstone
07. Arc Terminal X
08. Dust Within
09. Beyond
10. Thin Veil


Dan Munro - Vocals / Guitar
Reuben Story - Bass / Drums

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