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Paralyzing Chains
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High Roller Records


After their strong debut EP »The Sign«, Germany's Heavy Metal Force SINTAGE strikes hard again with their killer debut album »Paralyzing Chains«!

“I met Randy at a GBH gig in Leipzig in 2019,” explains guitarist Julez how SINTAGE, a young traditional heavy metal band from Germany, following in the footsteps of Teutonic upstarts like Blizzen or Stallion, were originally formed. “We got talking about rock music and decided to form our own band right there on the spot.” It was vocalist Randy bringing drummer Andi with him, Marcus took over on bass and SINTAGE were born. Andi was temporarily replaced by Jonas (Tension, Firmament) until Andre was found in the summer of 2021 to complete the first stable line-up of the band.

The same year a self-financed EP entitled »The Sign« was issued on tape (Alone Records from Greece later pressed vinyl and manufactured CDs). As a result, SINTAGE signed to High Roller Records and have just completed their first full-length album »Paralyzing Chains«. “Compared to our EP, we have definitely progressed as a band,” analyses guitarist Julez. “That’s down to the line-up changes and the number of live gigs we have played in 2022. Andi was indeed quite a good drummer but Andre is a class of his own. Compared to the EP the album is more brutish and in parts faster. But all in all we have not changed our recipe, like »The Sign« the new album is once again a mixture of traditional heavy metal and some dirty hard rock.”

Stylistically it’s actually not that easy to pin down what SINTAGE are all about, as they are showcasing a captivating mix of classic Euro Metal, NWOBHM and 80’s US Metal. “That’s true,” confirms guitarist Julez. “I totally agree. When we originally formed, we wanted to follow the direction of W.A.S.P., Quiet Riot and The Rods but eventually the Euro Metal influence was getting more and more prominent.”

Strangely enough, it seems as if some classic Scandinavian metal has been thrown into the mix as well, thinking of bands like Torch or Oz. “That’s quite a cool comparison,” thinks Julez. “We have not heard that one before. But this specific influence probably comes from me listening to a lot of Swedish rock, bands like Gotham City, Rising and also newer stuff like Tyrann or Helvetets Port.”
Apart from Julez’ fine guitar playing, Randy’s individual style of singing is another trademark of the original SINTAGE sound on their debut album »Paralyzing Chains«. “Indeed, Randy is a fantastic singer,” beams Julez. “Right from the very first audition he had a huge impact. His voice is really raspy and raw but on the other hand also quite melodic – and that’s the perfect combination.”

"Midnight Evil" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/CqnGzWz6KFg


1. Midnight Evil
2. Spirit of the Underground
3. Venom
4. Wild Dogs
5. Ecape the Scythe
6. Blazing Desaster
7. Rocking Hard
8. Flames of Sin


Randy - Vocals
Julez - Guitar
Marcus - Bass
Andre - Drums

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