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Towards Neglect
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Into Endless Chaos Records


From the beginning of existence three nornes are sitting on a mountain's crest spinning the immortal web of destiny. So it came that in 2009 the fate outstreched its fingers towards a saxonian town called Leipzig to open a passage between the worlds of light and fire and the worlds of darkness and ice to evoke the entity of CNTMPT. With the first selftitled invocation CNTMPT formed vast thoughts and emotions into acoustic percebtible squirts directly into the womb of human existence. Now, in the late time of the year 2018, CNTMPT will release its new collection of screams and shrieks into a world of distraction, disparity and arrogance to build up a wall of theurgy TOWARDS NEGLECT. Perceive and pray to your gods as long as there is time to do so!

"Gravity" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/rMad2P-7ov8


1. Ascend Through Winds
2. Site of Vastness
3. Gravity
4. Fire Theurgy
5. The Arrival
6. Wyrd
7. Magical Herbs


B. - Bass
M. - Drums
S. - Guitars

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