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Mirror Construction (... a disordered World)
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Black Sunset / MDD Records
8. June 2018


MINDREAPER have been enriching the German underground scene for over 10 years with their traditional, melodic and thrashing Death Metal. After their successful debut album "Human Edge (... to the Abyss)", the second full-length of the Hessians is on the shelves in 2018 and will cause some serious neck pain.
As with the previous album the band continues the collaboration with Andy Classen and StageOne Studio (Requiem, Krisiun, Varg) which guarantees a first-class sound. The 10 songs are on a high technical level deliver finest genre trademarks with neckbreaking riffs, catchy melodies and angry steamroller parts, which impressively show the maturing process of the quartet in the last years. The album artwork was made by Björn Gooßes/KIllustration (Odium, Kataklysm, The Crown), who once again succeeded in creating a graphically high-quality rendition of the album title.

"Mirror Artifacts" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/4sSaqzL-Oys


1. Enigma (4:14)
2. Bull's Eye (4:04)
3. Mirror Artifacts (3:58)
4. Stillborn God (4:07)
5. Purity of Wrath (6:38)
6. Passage to Extinction (4:16)
7. Against the Flood (4:49)
8. New Age Tyranny (4:37)
9. Story of Rejection (3:52)
10. Torch's Fall (5:24)


Mirror Construction (2018)
Human Edge (2012)
Absolute Zero (EP 2009)
Fatal Melodies (Demo 2006)


Sebastian „Sucking“ Rehbein - Vocals
Marcel Bangert - Guitars
Christian „Ens“ Schoenke - Bass
Manuel Nozulak - Drums, Vocals

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