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Infernal Aphorism


Non Serviam Records
Distribution: Season of Mist


Non Serviam Records proudly presents the highly anticipated 6th album of Swedish Black Metal masters NAZGHOR!

The horde emerged in a dark winter night in November 2012 from the unholy city of Uppsala and began their path to filthiness and masses of impurity. With their pure, raw yet melodic black metal of death, NAZGHOR became one of the fastest growing underground bands in the country. The new full-length “Infernal Aphorism” includes their most blasting, explosive and heavy compositions so far. A perfect mix of fast and slower songs which contain beautiful melodies and combine different elements.

"Decretion At Eschaton" - Official track stream: https://youtu.be/a6kgU0ytfwg


1. Opus Profanus
2. Malignant Possession
3. Decretion At Eschaton
4. The Darkness Of Eternity
5. Deathless Serpent
6. Rite Of Repugnant Fury
7. Ephemeral Hunger
8. Spawns Of All Evil
9. Absence Of Light
10. Infernal Aphorism


Nekhrid - Vocals
Armageddor - Guitars
Angst - Guitars
Crowlech - Bass
Cosmarul - Drums


2013: Life Impaled
2014: Upon The Darkest Season
2014: Through Darkness And Hell
2015: Diabolical Teachings
2016: Death’s Withered Chants
2017: Infernal Aphorism