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Heaven Bled


High Roller Records (European release)
Release date: 18.11.2016
Distribution: Soulfood


HOBBS' ANGEL OF DEATH should be a household name for every well-informed thrash metal fan. Hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, the Australian band first started out as a solo project of main man and former Tyrus-guitarist Peter Hobbs, and one can rightfully say that they belong to the pioneers of mid-Eighties’ Australian thrash metal; some even called them “the better Slayer”! Now they finally give their brand new album to the world; and it was about time, wasn’t it?

But if one has ever wondered why it regularly takes Peter so long to record and release new stuff, the answer may lie in his perfectionism: “I've recorded the new album three times. I was my goal to give to the industry a more mature album. The previous attempts were great but I was not totally satisfied with the results so I kept at it until I knew and felt that my achievement was made, and it clearly shines through within the new album. I believe that ‘Heaven Bled’ is just as great a the earlier albums, all written and produced by myself for a wider range of musical tastes and catering for more people in all fields of metal.”

“Heaven Bled” was recorded at the West Link Studio in Italy and it will come with a 7inch that contains a version of “Depopulation” from the “Inheritance” album, and another song called “Suicide”. Peter explains why he decided to include this little extra: “I wrote the song ‘Suicide’ many years ago and I wanted it to be on an album; it has a great 80s feel about it. ‘Depopulation’ was more or less a bonus track. One day I will re-record “Inheritance” and revamp these songs, but for now let's concentrate on one thing at a time.” He’s surely right, and the thing to concentrate on is of course the new Hobbs’ album: “Heaven Bled”!


1. Il Mostro Di Firenzi (4:42)
2. Walk My Path (5:20)
3. Final Feast (3:56)
4. Suicide (3:59)
5. Drawn And Quartered (4:05)
6. Heaven Bled (6:28)
7. Sadistic Domination (3:51)
8. Son Of God (3:50)
9. Depopulation (3:49)
10. TMMF (4:39)
11. Hypocrites (6:35)
12. Abomination (6:12)


Peter Hobbs - Guitar, Vocals
Simon Wizen - Lead Guitar
Alessio "CANE" Medici - Bass
Iago Bruchi - Drums