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Distance & Devotion


06.04.2015 (UK), 10.04.2015 (Worldwide)


ANCHOR from Sweden return with their third full-length! "Distance & Devotion" is a hard and heavy rock album which holds 11 tracks built out of frustration, personal struggle, firm convictions and deeply rooted ethics. Adding more melodies and better arrangments to their already energy-filled songs made the new album just as powerfull as their live shows. "Distance & Devotion" was recorded by bandmember Fredrik Forsberg in Fvck Life Studios based in Trollhättan, Sweden.
Being one of Europe´s most outstanding tour machines, ANCHOR have played over 450 shows on five continents and closing in to 40 countries since their foundation in 2007. ANCHOR have played festivals as Peace & love, Bylarm, Millencolin Fest, Ieper Fest, New Noise Fest, Summer Blast or Fluff Fest, have shared stages with Millencolin, The Hives, Madball and Judge and toured with Verse, Trial and Carpathian. A full steam tour machine!


1. Upstream
2. Into The Storm
3. Survive
4. Distance
5. Losing Faith
6. To Hell And Back
7. Out Of The Storm
8. Roads Unknown
9. Devotion
10. Hope Dies Last
11. Nightcaller