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Into A Dark Divinity


Cruz Del Sur Music
8. Sept. 2017


When a band on its debut is labelled as “one of the best newcomers in years” (Deaf Forever, GER) , the expectations on the follow-up might turn into a tough challenge. Having been close to the band-members for months and completely trusting their obsessive working-method, Cruz Del Sur Music had no doubts that MAUSOLEUM GATE would have not betrayed any of those promises!

“Into A Dark Divinity” has NOTHING to do with ‘modern Heavy Metal’, but rather is an album that has its origins / roots in that creative lapse of time that were the late 70s. Their genuine and enthusiastic approach to a ‘proto metal’, hard rock, and even space-rock, sound is infectious and charming. Nothing sounds forced or out of place, it’s just there as it should be.

From the opener “Condemned to Darkness”, fans of the band will immediately recognize MAUSOLEUM GATE’s distinctive and peculiar sound, built on elegant, classic-rock driven melodies and the absolutely brilliant and appealing vocal performance of singer of V.P. Varpula. At the same time any fan of NWOBHM will definitely love songs such as “Horns” and “Burn The Witches At Dawn”, the fastest tracks of the album.

The incredible feedback and response they had in trad-metal festivals such as Keep It True and Muskelrock, shows that MAUSOLEUM GATE have been able get on board a great deal of traditional Heavy Metal’s fans without losing a single grain of their own identity. Their approach is pure, honest and sincere. What more can you ask?


1. Condemned to Darkness
2. Burn the Witches at Dawn
3. Apophis
4. Solomon's Key
5. Horns
6. Into a Dark Divinity


V-P. Varpula – Vocals
Count L.F. – Guitars
Kasperi Puranen – Guitars
Wicked Ischianus – Bass, Hammond C3 organ, Mellotron M400, MiniMoog synthesizer, Kong MS20, Petrof Piano
Oscar Razanez – Drums


Mausoleum Gate ( 2014, Cruz Del Sur Music)
Gateways For the Wicked / Obsessed by Metal Sessions( 2014, Self-Released)
Metal And The Might / Demon Soul (7’’ - 2016, Cruz Del Sur Music)