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Eternity-The Weeping Horizons/ The 2nd Moon (Re-Release)


FDA Rekotz
Distribution: Soulfood Music (worldwide), Code7 Music (UK)


GOLEM. This legendary and absolutely underrated band started back in 1989. In the 1990s they have released two of the best Death Metal albums ever, which have never been released on vinyl. Until now! FDA Rekotz is re-releasing both "Eternity - The Weeping Horizons" (1996) and "The 2nd Moon" (1998) as Double LP, Double CD and for Download. Both albums were remastered by Andreas Hilbert (head of the band) and to top it of Mark Cooper has created new killer artwork. GOLEM are influenced by bands like CARCASS, DEATH or MORBID ANGEL and are surely on the same musical level. They never got the luck to be pushed by one of the big record labels at the time (early/mid 90s). They are still more or less active and the time has come to rise above and beyond, to show their great compositions to a wider audience. Now it's time to re-release both hard to find albums for the first time ever on vinyl (2LP), aswell as Double CD and for Download!

The vinyl will be limited to 100 transparent green and 400 rotten black copies, printed lyrics, old pictures and more than 80 minutes pure fucking Death Metal at it's best.

"Eternity-The Weeping Horizons":

Recorded and mixed between August 27th and September 4th 1995
at Unisound Studio, Örebro.
Produced by Golem
Engineered by Dan Swanö
Remastered by Andreas Hilbert 2013

Andreas Hilbert - guitars and vocals
Michael Marschalk - drums
Rico Spiller – bass

1. Throne of Confinements
2. Mental Force
3. In my favourite Darkness
4. Dedication
5. Emotionally astray
6. Incarnated Beast
7. Message from the Past
8. The Fall
9. Beyond the Future Skies

"The 2nd Moon":

Recorded at Blue Art Studio, May 1998
Mixed at Sound Forge Studio, August 1998
Produced by Golem
Engineered by Andreas Hilbert
Mastered at Power Play Mastering by Ebehard Köhler
Remastered by Andreas Hilbert 2013

Michael Marschalk - drums
Carsten Mai - lead guitar
Rainer Humeniuk - bass
Andreas Hilbert - lead guitar and vocals

1. The Wanderers
2. Departure
3. The Shortening of the Way
4. Heretics
5. Old Father Eternity
6. God Emperor
7. Honoured and hated
8. Renewal
9. The 2nd Moon