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Blacklight Wanderers
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InnerSun Records


A clouded sky with a ray of light shining through. A grave tune with a lighthearted melody. A sad story with a hopeful ending. That's how you can describe Embercrow's style. Mainly inspired by northern european Rock and Metal musically and by life's downsides, too much thinking and inner demons lyrically, these guys aim to create their own little microcosm. If you've got less of a poetic vein and more of a pragmatic need to categorize music, you may most fittingly describe the outcome as Dark Rock or Melancholic Metal. But that's just an approximation to the vast pool of influences that can be explored on this album. Find out for yourselves and follow the band's invitation: "The world's in search of the sun, waiting to come undone. So here we are, wandering in the blacklight, looking for companions to guide us on this fleeting path. Feel free to join us on our journey..."


1. Sharing Wounds
2. In Search Of The Sun
3. The Eye Haunting Me
4. In The End
5. Isle Of Origins
6. Plainsong (*Bonustrack)
7. Vagrant Moon
8. A Cheerless Companion
9. The Eternal Dialogue
10. Return To The Outer Realms


Simon – Vocals & Guitars
Marcos – Keys
Robert – Drums
Stoff – Bass


Risen from the shadows and the flames in 2004, the only constant in the early years is change. Musicians join and leave at disadvantageous points, making significant progress hard to achieve. Fittingly, the first Demo-EP "Spread The Embers" is never officially released, because the band is not satisfied with the quality of the outcome.

This state of uncertainty lasts until 2008 where a first stable line-up records the "Trails To The Sun"-EP. Various live-gigs in Hamburg and surroundings, as well as northern and western Germany are played during the next years.

However, bad luck strikes as the record label goes bankrupt during the release of the EP, so the band has to handle CD production and promotional activities by themselves on short notice. Released in 2009, the EP receives good reviews in several webzines.

The do-it-yourself approach is continued with the self-produced and distributed online-single "Aeonseeker", for which a video featuring the Hamburgian actor Janis Zaurins is shot.

After the line-up shrinks again due to job-related reasons, the remaining core of Simon, Marcos und Rob decides to focus on completing material for a first longplayer. Reinforced by the new bass player Stoff, the band enters the studio of aerion audio.solutions for the recordings during spring and summer 2013. The outcoming 10 jewels are polished by a mastering from Master&Servant.