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Being And Nothingness


Pulverised Records
May 2012
Distribution Germany: Soulfood


Without ever conforming to trends nor compromising on stellar musicianship and aggression, Los Angeles-based Thrashers HeXeN forges ahead with their most diverse and mature album to date with "Being And Nothingness". Sanctioned by a dark cosmic aura surrounding the entire concept of "Being And Nothingness", the album is a brilliant showcase of intellectual, forward-thinking and their trademark guitar-master wizardry fretwork!

With the album recorded, mixed and mastered at Vivid Tone Recording Studio (Lividity, Guthrie Govan, etc) by Rich Bruce and the stunning album artwork by master of cosmic and fantasy artist Kristian Wahlin / Necrolord (King Diamond, Dissection, Emperor, etc), "Being And Nothingness" is a bold yet innovative Prog-Thrash album that most new generation Thrash bands would only dare dream of.


1. Macrocosm
2. Grave New World
3. Defcon Rising
4. Private Hell
5. Walk As Many, Stand As One
6. Stream Of Unconsciousness
7. Indefinite Archetype
8. The Nescient
9. Nocturne


HeXeN is a Los Angeles based metal band that has been continuously active since 2003, fusing inspirations from all the different flavors of the genre to construct their own brand of music. It's members began as all youngsters in the scene do, banging their heads to Metallica and Megadeth tunes, completely oblivious to the subsequent southern California thrash scene that was to soon arrive. After completing their first demo in 2004, they hit the ground running to join the ranks of the speed metal contenders of the time Desecrate, Rattlehead, Merciless Death, and a few others. Through the years, each member ventured deeper and deeper into more technical forms of metal and consequently began playing and writing more intricate music. Outside the HeXeN workshop however... the scene was growing exponentially with a new Thrash band being assembled and breaking up on a monthly basis. Truth be told, as extraordinary as the return of metal music has been for America's youth, its arrival (as these sorts of things usually do) unfortunately came in quantities more than qualities, a telltale sign of its probable impermanence. It has been quoted before through past experience of every metal scene boom (i.e. Florida Death Metal and Gothenburg Melo-Death), that after the wave of bandwagon hoppers weed out you'll arrive where you started from... the originators of the scene. HeXeN can say with utmost confidence that they will be one of the ones still left standing.

With the evidence of the first album having been well-received around the metal world under their belt (with comments by some web-zine critics hailing it as one of the best releases of the thrash revival), they've proved to be a hardworking group and the 'thinking man's' metal band, always striving to write material that goes beyond raw thrash songs where music and subject matter (the overdone and typical War and Satanic themes) were merely just skin-deep. They are musicians who have joined the music game for the long run, survived through many line-up alterations and hardships, and will continue to do what they do regardless of whatever trends might be coming or going, or whatever condition the world of metal might end up in.

They are currently working on (and have been for the last couple years) material that is to be the long-anticipated follow-up album which they hope will turn out to be a magnum-opus offering from So-Cal metal.

And of course... our sincere gratitude goes out to everybody that has bought our music, helped the band, played for the band, or even just merely supported the band since the beginning. Couldn't have done it without ya.