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Blood Money


Pulverised Records
Release: 27.10.2008

Release/Distribution-Germany: 21.11.2008/Soulfood


The Executioners have returned! Reactivated and armed with a ferocious new album ‘Blood Money’, GUILLOTINE sets the benchmark of intense Thrash Metal to deadly new heights; essential melodic hooks with just the right amount brewed into perfection to split your skull into pieces!

Featuring Nils Eriksson and Fredrik Mannberg from the mighty Nocturnal Rites and together in collaboration with the master of Thrash Metal artist Ed Repka (Megadeth, Atheist, Death, Venom, etc), GUILLOTINE will crush all competitors in the genre and emerge as the reigning kings of Thrash Metaldom!

Mixed at Toontrack Studio by Mattias Eklund (Nocturnal Rites, Naglfar, etc) and mastered by Goran Finnberg at The Mastering Room (Soilwork, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, etc).


1. Insane Oppression
2. Rebellion
3. Insanity
4. Liar5. Die/Live
6. Skeleton City
7. Madness (Instrumental)
8. Dying World
9. Welcome To Dying (Death, Destruction & Pain)
10. War
11. Our Darkest Day
12. Blood Money
13. I Hate Society [Bonus track]


Nils Eriksson – Bass
Fredrik Mannberg – Guitars / Vocals
Daniel Sundbom – Guitars
Efraim Juntunen - Drums


Fredrik Mannberg and Nils Eriksson are hard at work with their main-band NOCTURNAL RITES, but felt that they need a melodic contrary and an outlet for something that reminds them of the early thrash bands they grew up with. HOLOCAUST is thus born as a two-piece project that however shortly grows into something more serious and ambitious. The band name is changed to GUILLOTINE and quickly a demo recording established ("Under the Guillotine", 1995). The demo receives rave reviews in the Thrash community and the band soon inks their first record deal, recruit drummer extraordinaire Cobra and starts working on material for what will come to be their debut album.

To large praise of the underground thrash scene and magazines alike, GUILLOTINE's debut album "Under the Guillotine" is released in the first quarter of 1997. Although this happened when the retro Thrash revival is at its peak and the scene is flooded with bands and projects, GUILLOTINE manages to secure a top position and "Under the Guillotine" is still to this day considered a classic second wave Thrash Metal release of the 1990's.

The main focus of Fredrik Mannberg and Nils Eriksson is devoted to NOCTURNAL RITES and any GUILLOTINE’s eventual plans for touring and further releases are indefinitely put on ice.

After a ten-tear break, the monster lives and the urge to produce killer Thrash Metal songs is back again! This time to stay, as it seems. The band recruits two new members, Daniel Sundbom (Guitars), Efraim Juntunen (Drums) and lays down two brand new tracks ("War", "Blood Money") for a demo and the intention of landing a record deal for their second - or comeback if you will - album. In early 2008, the band ultimately signs with Pulverised Records and begin work on what will become "Blood Money" (2008).

Present day. GUILLOTINE has finished recording for "Blood Money" and are awaiting it to be unleashed upon an anxious Thrash community. The band is here to stay. No project or second try - the real thing; only pure, simple and to-the-point Thrash Metal. In the rawest and most pissed off form there is.