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Apotheosis Of Anti Light


War Anthem Records
1. April 2022


War Anthem Records proudly presents "Apotheosis Of Anti Light", the 9th full-length assault of German Death Metal veterans PURGATORY!

As on their excellent previous album "Omega Void Tribunal" (2016), PURGATORY (who are now killing as a five piece!) offer ultra-brutal Death fucking Metal from the underground for the underground. Murderous riffs and growls for real lunatics. The sinister result ranges from total blasting chaos and nihility to majestic morbid hymns.

"Apotheosis Of Anti Light" was recorded in December 2021 at Musical Massacre´s Studio by Lukas Haidinger & PURGATORY, mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple of Disharmony and features an artwork by Bahrull Marta. Guests: Additional vocals by RS (LIE IN RUINS), SB (RUMOURS) and A. Deathmonger.

"(We Declare) War" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/gWmBn77rSGc


1. (We Declare) War
2. Accused, Sentenced And Buried Alive
3. Ropes In November (Samhain's Curse Part III)
4. The Moaning Of Dismal Halls
5. We Were Forced Astray
6. Deny! Deny!! Deny!!!
7. Expectato Solis
8. God Loves None Of You
9. Pantheon Of Slaughters


Dreier - Vocals
René Kögel - Guitars / Vocals
Wolfgang Rothbauer - Guitars
Nico Solle - Bass
Lutz Götzold - Drums


Live.. Perversion, Demo 1993
Psychopathia Sexualis, EP 1994
Sadistic Spell, EP 1995
Damage Done By Worms, Album 1996
Purgatory / Seirim, Split 1997
Bestial, Album 1997
Blessed With Flames Of Hate, Album 2000
Hell Bastards Split LP w. Polymorph, 2003
Luciferianism, Album 2004
Cultus Luciferi - The Splendour of Chaos, Album 2008
Necromantaeon, Album 2011
Deathkvult – Grand Ancient Arts, Album 2013
Omega Void Tribunal, Album 2016
The Legion of Desolation, Split 2018
Apotheosis Of Anti Light, Album 2022

Photo Credit: Schizophreny Photography

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