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Ancestral Void


Totenmusik / Ván Records
Distribution: Soulfood


With their first album 'Ancestral Void' Germany's MORAST continue to follow the sepulchral path and dismal vision started last year with their well-received demo.

'Ancestral Void' is a trip through melancholic desolation and raging subversion. The album does not conveniently fit into one category – be it doom, death or black metal – 'Ancestral Void' stands on its own with its dark and obscure atmosphere, monolithic riffs, liturgic drumming and gloomy vocals. Six songs about loss, grief, anger and bitterness. A hauling maelstrom erupting into pure armageddon and back. MORAST leaves you lonely, cold and miserable. However, in the end this is a cathartic moment....

This piece of pure blackness will be unleashed through the blessed hands of Totenmusik in conspiracy with Ván Records.

"Crescent" - Official stream: http://youtu.be/7u7RZRX_V7g


1. Crescent
2. Forlorn
3. Sakkryfyced
4. Compulsion
5. Loss
6. Ancestral Void


L. – drums
F. – vocals
R. – bass
J. – guitar