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Travesty Of Heavenly Essence


25.11.2005 ; Spikefarm Records / Soulfood


To celebrate their 11th year of existence, Northern Finland’s mightiest return with a new line-up and a new album. In terms of overall feeling, Travesty of Heavenly Essence harks back to the blackened essence of earlier Thyrane albums. While eschewing some of the industrial/electro vibes present on their last album Hypnotic in favour of full-on black metal onslaught, Thyrane still remain musically innovative with technical proficiency second to none.

Following the departure of Avather in early 2005, a former session member Kristonic (drums) now completes the line-up of Blastmor (vocals), Daemon (bass) and HM (keyboards). The superb engineering and mixing by the trustworthy Ahti Kortelainen (Impaled Nazarene, Sentenced, Sonata Arctica…) at the legendary Tico-Tico Studio does full service to the awe-inspiring Thyrane sound.

Twisting and turning, almost thrash metal-like in intensity, Travesty of Heavenly Essence overwhelms the listener from the word ‘go’ and the clever keyboard arrangements bring out the nuances. It is an almost-perfect marriage of melody and aggression if there ever was one: there is not a single lapse into the territory of sickly sweet melodies, neither into meaningless brutality. Everything is just as it should be. Thyrane’s latest is like a red-hot branding iron: hurts instantly and leaves a long lasting mark…

If you prefer your black metal with the damaging power of nuclear detonation combined with the precision of a surgical knife, there’s no way in Helvete you can go wrong with Thyrane. A landmark record from Finland’s finest. Thyrane are also a great live band and should be setting cities afire all over Europe soon.


Blastmor (vocals, guitar)
Kristonic (drums)
Avather (guitar)
HM (keyboards)


Black Harmony (Woodcut 1998)
Symphonies of Infernality (Woodcut 1999)
The Spirit of Rebellion (Spikefarm 2000)
split w/ The Dead Beginners (Spikefarm 2001)
Hypnotic (Spikefarm 2003) CD
Travesty of Heavenly Essence CD (Spikefarm 2005)

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