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The Hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy


Dark Descent Records
Distribution: Soulfood (GER), Sound Pollution (SWE), Code7/PHD (UK)


Debut release from this new Greek legion - Ritualistic Black Metal!

NOX FORMULAE is an emanation of the well of N.O.X, the darkest aspect of the Draconian/Typhonian Principle which applies to the mystical Black Magical Formula of XONOX.

NOX FORMULAE stands as the outer part of an esoteric clan: a Red Black sect driven by Luciferian fanaticism, mission of whom is to establish the Ruler of Atlantis in the human subconscious. By enthroning the Dragon, the gates for those emerging from the Shadow of O.D. will open widely to this world. NOX FORMULAE's first recording ''The hidden Paths to Black Ecstasy'' is a true sonic grimoire (and should be treated as an equal to an actual book of Dark Magic) which, for the first time in music and literature in regard, reveals clues and secrets for the shadow chiefs - the shadow allies: Î’eings who reside in the death plane ruled by the black dragon. A plane lighted up by the rays of the shining, all seeing eye of Drakon.

Through the exploration of the unfiltered subconsciousness we can find and contact those extra-dimensional entities in order to receive the wisdom for the existence of man as well as dark magical intuition and Inspiration in a form of parapsychic powers. By entering Their realms or by evoking Them to our world we deal with utmost, nightmarish darkness. But there in, we will find the lost crown of lucifer and the hidden gems of forbidden black gnosis.


2. The Shadow Smoke
3. Nahemoth Death Plane
4. Voudon Lwa Legba
5. The Dark Brother
6. Yezidic NOX Formula
7. O.D. Dominion
8. Hidden Clan NXN - Pt a. Eleven Rays of Sorat, Pt b. Black Magic Assault


Wolfsbane 1.1: Guitars
Monkshood 333: Voice
Nightshade: Voice
Kurgasiaz: Voice
Mezkal: Drums

the hard side of life
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