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Dutch label Soulseller Records is proud to announce two new signings and therefore the first releases of 2016.

PSYCHEDELIC WITCHCRAFT is a project fronted by an Italian doomstress named Virginia Monti. The band was formed in March 2015, living through the imaginary of occult and witchcraft with psychedelic colors and emotions, inspired by the sounds and the pictures of an almost lost era. The EP "Black Magic Man" was released on vinyl in July and sold out in less than 10 days.
The band’s full-length debut "The Vision" will be released via Soulseller Records in spring 2016. Details will be revealed soon. A first song is already available - check out the “Magic Hour Blues“ official lyric video at this location: youtu.be/gvSDMdmOf5Y
The band comments: "We are very happy for the signing with Soulseller Records, We really feel it was the right place for us and they were the ones that shared the most the vision of the band! We can't wait for the release of the new album!"

JOHANSSON & SPECKMANN - Two well-known names in the Death Metal scene are joining forces in this project band which was founded in 2013. True old school to the death – you know what to expect!
Their third full-length album will be released through Soulseller Records in spring 2016. More details will be announced soon.
Rogga Johansson comments: “Me and Paul are very excited to sign to Soulseller Records for our third album with Johansson & Speckmann. So far nine songs have been written and are currently being recorded. Expect more of the same as the previous albums, but with a twist this time, more leadwork from the new addition on lead guitars, Kjetil Lynghaug (Mordenial), and a step up in the masterful drumming of Brynjar Helgetun (Liklukt).”
Paul Speckmann comments: “Speckmann here, really looking forward to working with Soulseller Records. They will be releasing the next killer installment of the Johansson-Speckmann series.”
DISQUIET - New track revealed

After releasing the title track it's now time for a second new song of Dutch thrashers DISQUIET! Their upcoming album "The Condemnation" will be released via Soulseller Records on January 29th.

'The Great Divide' is one of the most furious tracks on the album and is based lyrically on Wilfred Owen's war poem 'Dulce et decorem est', which is about 'the old lie' told to young soldiers during WW1 that it's a great honour to fight and die for their country. Check it out at this location: soundcloud.com/disquietmetal/disquiet-the-great-divide

'The Condemnation' - Official video: youtu.be/coH2i7VAtPs

Album trailer: youtu.be/XcfauhPAd-o
BOMBS OF HADES - New song available

“Death Mask Replica”, the new album from Swedish death/crust band BOMBS OF HADES, will be released on January 29th 2016 via War Anthem Records.

A first song, entitled “Old Fires Die”, is available for streaming now at this location: https://soundcloud.com/war-anthem-records/bombs-of-hades-swe-old-fires-die

The successor to "Atomic Temples" (2014) was recorded in BOH Studio, Mix und Mastering were done at Welfare Sounds (Gothenburg).

1. Death Mask Replica
2. To Walk Through The Pyres
3. Tombsday
4. Long May You Rot
5. Burning Angel (Uhuru)
6. Old Fires Die
7. On Pillars Of Madness
8. When The Reaper Comes
9. The Venom
10. Mad Shadows

VAMPYROMORPHA – Deal with Trollzorn – Debut album in April


VAMPYROMORPHA is a duo from Germany, playing AOD (Adult Orientated Doom) with horror lyrics. The band began in 2014 to write their first songs under the influence of a lot of red wine, trash/horror movies and classic albums of KILLING JOKE, THE DAMNED, MELVINS,YES, SAINT VITUS, SISTERS OF MERCY and PENTAGRAM.

VAMPYROMORPHA’s debut album will be released in April 2016 via Trollzorn, including a cover version of Fleetwood Mac’s “I’m So Afraid”.

Live-Gigs with session musicians are planned as well.

Jim Grant: Vox, Hammond
Nemes Black: Guitar, Bass, Drums

www.facebook.com/vampyromorphadoom / www.trollzorn.de
Pulverised Records - new signing: TEMISTO

Pulverised Records welcomes one of Sweden's most deadly morbid-league: TEMISTO!

Previously under the moniker Chapel, the relentless duo bulldozed through ten blistering tracks on the group's self-titled debut with such raw conviction and unsurpassed songwriting intellect; constantly moving in and out of dissonant territory.

With the now-defunct Morbus Chron frontman Robert Andersson and Elias Scharmer (ex-Abduction, ex-Mutilate) at the producer / engineering helm, TEMISTO's self-titled album was also mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Desultory, Repugnant, etc) with exquisite artwork and layout by Obssessed By Cruelty (Wolfbrigade, Enforcer, Agent Steel, Sabbat, etc).

States Pulverised Records A&R manager Calvin Chiang: "The TEMISTO self-titled album is easily one of the most refreshing stuff we have heard this year and the one thing that caught our attention instantly was how accomplished they are as songwriters, coupled with that organic and honest slab of Death Metal that we rarely hear these days. The level of maturity displayed on the record is just unbelievable and it certainly transcends an aura of otherworldly obscurity that TEMISTO have managed to capture perfectly."

The TEMISTO self-titled effort comes out everywhere on 26th February 2016.

A first track, entitled "Above Sacred Ground", is already available for streaming at this location: soundcloud.com/pulverised/temisto-above-sacred-ground
RAVENSIRE – Album details revealed

Portuguese Epic Metal heroes RAVENSIRE have revealed the cover artwork and tracklist for their upcoming album.

"The Cycle Never Ends" will be released on February 5th 2016 on CD, limited vinyl and digital formats through Cruz Del Sur Music.

As for their previous releases, the band has once again used the talents of Pedro Rebelo who, with his peculiar B&W technique, brings us into the ancient, mysterious worlds depicted by RAVENSIRE’s music.

A first song, "Temple At The End of the World" (the final part of the “White Pillars” trilogy), is available here: youtu.be/Hsd9uJryMh4

1. Cromlech Revelations
2. Crosshaven
3. Solitary Vagrant
4. Procession of the Dead
5. Trapped in Dreams
6. Eternal Sun (White Pillars part I)
7. Blood and Gold (White Pillars part II)
8. Temple at the End of the World (White Pillars part III)

SEPTAGON - Debut album details - First song available

“Deadhead Syndicate”, the debut album of Germany’s SEPTAGON, will be released on February 5th 2016 via CRUZ DEL SUR MUSIC.

SEPTAGON is the creature of LANFEAR's mastermind and guitarist Markus “Ulle” Ullrich, who joined forces with ATLANTEAN KODEX’ vocalist Markus Becker in 2013 to form an old-school band that blends the aggression of Exodus, Slayer and Testament with the melodic and technical appeal of bands like Forbidden, Heathen, Realm or Watchtower.

Expect fast, technical tracks, mid paced stuff and good hooklines!

A first song is already available - check out the lyric video for “Unwanted Company” at this location: youtu.be/mk_PnP59Qx4

“Deadhead Syndicate" will be released on CD, vinyl and digitally.

1. Ignite the Apocalypse
2. Revolt Against the Revolution
3. Exit…Gunfire
4. Ripper
5. Septagon Conspiracy
6. Henchman of Darkness
7. Deadhead Syndicate
8. Unwanted Company
9. Secret Silver Panorama Machine

TOMBSTONES stream entire new album

Norwegian doom hounds Tombstones are currently streaming their upcoming masterpiece "Vargariis" in it's entirety via the following partners. The album will be released on December 4th through Soulseller Records.

Norway: Metal Hammer Norway: hammer.kenspo.net/?p=2090
UK: Terrorizer: Terrorize.it/bNKg
USA: The Obelisk: http://theobelisk.net/obelisk/2015/11/24/tombstones-vargariis-review-stream
Germany: Deaf Forever: www.deaf-forever.de/tombstones
France: The heavy chonicles: http://theheavychronicles.com/2015/11/exclusive-stream-tombstones-album/?lang=en
Portugal: Ponto-Alternativo: http://www.ponto-alternativo.com/exclusive-pa-tombstones-vargariis
Spain: Friedhof: http://friedhof-magazine.com/noticias/tombstones-estrenamos-en-exclusiva-su-nuevo-album-vargariis
Finland: Kaaos: http://kaaoszine.fi/kaaoszinen-ennakkokuuntelussa-norjalaisen-doom-metal-yhtye-tombstonesin-uusi-albumi
DISQUIET- New label - Album details - New song

Dutch thrashers DISQUIET will release their second full-length entitled “The Condemnation" on January 29th, 2016 via their new label home Soulseller Records.

The album will be available as a 3-panel-digipack-CD and in digital formats.

To get a first impression, check out the title track at this location: soundcloud.com/disquietmetal/disquiet-the-condemnation/s-fSUgy

DISQUIET, re-established in Utrecht in 2008, are offering next-level and diverse thrash/death metal with a modern and melodic approach. Their debut album “Scars Of Undying Grief” (2012) was already highly praised by the medias (e.g. "Thrash tip of the month" - Metal Hammer) and even paved the way for a show at Wacken Open Air and international gigs in Luxembourg, Belgium, Suriname and Germany where they shared the stage with bands like Arch Enemy or Annihilator.

1. Ascending
2. The Condemnation
3. Fist of Persistence
4. Born to Dissent
5. The Great Divide
6. Haul Down the Tree of Life
7. Las’Pasi
8. From Essence Deprived
9. IDK
10. Bred to Fail

FERAL - New video released

Swedish death metal squad FERAL has released a brand new video clip for the track “Succumb to Terror”, taken from their latest album, “Where Dead Dreams Dwell”, out now on Cyclone Empire. Check it out: youtu.be/4RfSyJrgsyM

The video was shot in the bands hometown of Skellefteå, north Sweden, by Henrik Johannesén.

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