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Døden Læger Alle Sår


Dark Descent Records


UNDERGANG, from Copenhagen ("Kill-Town") / Denmark, was formed in the early summer of 2008 with the intent of playing old styled, low tuned and extremely heavy Death Metal.

Since the earliest breath of existence took place, the band has always kept pushing their limits and always stayed active, both in the studio and in live environments. They have released two full length albums, "Indhentet Af Døden" (2010) & "Til Døden Os Skiller" (2012), beside several smaller releases and splits, and played several tours in Europe and in USA - not to forget their exclusive opening slot for US Death Metal legends AUTOPSY, at their first show in New York after 19 years, back in May 2012. Since then, several other tours had been fulfilled in Europe, America, Australia and Japan, thanks to the help of underground networking and various connections.

Their 3rd album, "Døden Læger Alle Sar", was recorded at Earhammer Studio, California, after the band’s 3 week full US tour in July 2014. The new material is a blending of the suffocating and filthy heaviness known from their previous two albums and neck-breaking brutality, while adding even more twists to the mix. The 3rd album will also show UNDERGANG returning to the London based underground Death Metal label, ME SACO UN OJO Records for the vinyl treatment, while US label DARK DESCENT RECORDS will release the CD version. The album will be out in time for a currently planned European tour with STARGAZER.

Long live the new flesh!


1. Døden Læger Alle Sår
2. Jomfrublodbad
3. Kronisk Betændelse i tarmene
4. Ad_Ligbitum
5. Radbrækket
6. Lemlæstelsens Kunst
7. Kogt i Blod
8. Gravrust
9. Dødsfald
10. Det Gør Kun Ondt til du dør


A. Dødshjælp - Drums
K. Ondsind - Bass
D. Torturdød - Guitars / vocals

the hard side of life
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