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Cursed and Coronated


High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


After their successful return with “Reanimated Homunculus”, PROTECTOR now deliver their second full-length album of the not-so-new millennium. And what can be expected from the new LP? One thing is for sure, PROTECTOR fans are in for a nice surprise: The eponymous song “Cursed and Coronated” sees the return of Urm the Mad! Music-wise, PROTECTOR keep their boat sailing steadily on the seas of Thrash Metal, with some visits to ‘Death Metal Island’. Vocalist Martin Missy puts it thus: “I think that fans who liked ‘Reanimated Homunculus’ will like ‘Cursed and Coronated’ as well.” That’s a safe guess, as the band stay true to themselves with evil, fast, cutting and slicing old school Thrash in the true PROTECTOR vein.

“Cursed and Coronated” was recorded in May 2015, in the Sunlight Studio in Norrtälje / Sweden, the same studio where the “Reanimated Homunculus” saw the light of day. And for the rest, the Protector crew remembered to never change a winning team: Again the producer is Tomas Skogsberg, the mastering was done by the Patrick W. Engel, and the cover artwork stems once again from prolific artist Kristian Wåhlin.

Just as on “Reanimated Homunculus”, PROTECTOR again offer a mix of both older and new material: “Three of the songs already appeared on demos and split-singles between 2011 and 2013, while seven of the songs are brand new.” Asked if there is anything left to say about “Cursed and Coronated”, Martin’s reply is as modest and likeable as always: “Only that we hope that our fans will like ‘Cursed and Coronated’ as much as ‘Reanimated Homunculus’. Stay Metal!” Quite sure they will.


1. Intro
2. Xenophobia
3. Selfdesdrugtion
4. Crosses in Carelia
5. Cursed and Coronated
6. Six Hours On the Cross
7. Base 104
8. The Dimholt
9. To Serve and Protect
10. Terra Mater
11. The Old Boil

12. Intro / Misanthropy (Live Dresden 2013)
13. Sliced, Hacked And Grinded (Live Dresden 2013)
14. Protector Of Death (Live Dresden 2013)


Martin Missy - vocals
Michael Carlsson - guitar
Mathias Johansson - bass and vocals
Carl-Gustav Karlsson - drums

the hard side of life
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