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Mark Of The Beast
Sign Of The Jackal


High Roller Records


Darkthrone's Fenriz is a man of great taste. No doubt about that. Some while ago he named Italy's Sign Of The Jackal his 'band of the week'. “It was a real surprise for us,” says front lady Laura Coller. “Most of all he has been a nice ambassador for our band. I think that being mentioned by someone who has such a varied musical taste opens up the opportunity to reach a lot of people that otherwise would have not taken notice of Sign Of The Jackal at all. It was a really nice surprise.”
Sign Of The Jackal originally formed in 2007. In 2008 they recorded their first demo entitled »Haunted House Tapes«. Issued on tape and CD initially, Heavy Artillery Records later put it out on 7" format. In 2011 »The Beyond« EP followed (again released by Heavy Artillery Records). This EP included two cover versions, “Head Over Heels” by Meghan plus “Warlord's Wrath” by Black Knight. Now, Meghan is quite an obscure choice for a cover song … “We are fond of obscure and rare heavy metal,” states Laura. “We are collectors and fans of underground metal. 'Head Over Heels' is pretty unknown even by most of the collectors whereas 'Warlord's Wrath' by Black Knight is a bit more well-known. As we are a female-fronted band, we went beyond Warlock and searched for other female-fronted bands to inspire us (let's see: Meghan, Black Knight, Black Lace, Malteze, Messiah Force and many more) but we are also fond of US Metal, N.W.O.B.H.M. ... and a lot more!”

As a relatively young metal band Sign Of The Jackal have already played some very prestigious festivals, like "Revenge Of True Metal" in Italy and "Keep It True XIV". “On the one hand, we've been lucky,” says Laura. “On the other hand,” we've always been very active in organizing festivals and shows. I think that our classic heavy metal style is very much suited for old school festivals, and maybe that's one reason why we've been through these great opportunities. We took part in 'Bombers And Barbarians' back in 2009 with Ross The Boss headlining, the 'Keep It True' festival in 2010, two times at 'Revenge Of True Metal', in 2008 with Avenger UK headlining the day and in 2009 with Tank, at the 'Heavy Metal Night' in 2010 with a wonderful bill full of Italian masters in metal and last year at the 'Heavy Metal Espectros' festival with Pictures in Murcia. There's more to come in 2013 ...”

»Mark Of The Beast« is Sign Of The Jackal's debut album, issued by High Roller Records. It's a brilliant piece of classic heavy metal inspired by obscure Italian horror flicks. The line up on the record is: Laura Coller (vocals), Roberto "Bob" Condini (guitars, vocals), Max (guitars, vocals, keyboards), Röby "Knife" (bass, vocals) and Heavy Mate (drums, vocals). Laura Coller goes into more detail: “The cover is a real killer, it's in black and red, very mystical and evil, that's our style. There will be eleven tracks, both on CD and vinyl, ten songs written and arranged by Sign Of The Jackal and one cover version which will be different on the CD and vinyl format. We'll be offering new versions of all the songs previously released in different formats plus four brand new ones. All the 'old' pieces sound really different from their demo version, so it seems like there are ten brand new songs on the record! Stylistically, you can expect obscure and classic heavy metal, the lyrics refer to horror movies and evil matters, in pure Sign Of The Jackal style, the packaging is dark and impressive. Italian horror classics are the ones we are really into! How could a heavy metal band not be influenced by horror movies? Ah, we found it easy to get inspired by them because of the fact we all like this kind of movies ourselves.”

Matthias Mader


Voodoo (Intro)
Heavy Metal Possession
Paura Nella Citta Dei Morti Viventi
Night Of The Undead
Heavy Metal Demons
Fight For Rock
Paganini Horror
Sign Of The Jackal
Queens Of Hell
The Beyond
Trick or Treat


Laura Coller - Vocals
Roberto "Bob" Condini - Guitars, Vocals
Max - Guitars, Vocals, Keyboards
Röby "Knife" - Bass, Vocals
Heavy Mate - Drums, Vocals

the hard side of life
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