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OCTOBER TIDE - New Track "I, The Polluter"

Sweden's melodic death/doom metal masters OCTOBER TIDE, feat. ex-Katatonia guitarists Fredrik and Mattias Norrman, premiere the first single from their upcoming, sixth studio album, "In Splendor Below".

The album is set to be released on May 17th worldwide via Agonia Records, while the new track titled "I, The Polluter" is available for listening at this link: https://youtu.be/dQWHmcCE-PU

With a history tracing back to the epicentre of melodic death metal in Sweden, OCTOBER TIDE have come a long way and have generated a spark that is strongly felt in the energy of the scene. "In Splendor Below" is the latest addition to their vibrant discography of guitar-driven, emotive death/doom metal art. It packs some of the most authentic and unique compositions from the capable hands of founding member and long-time Katatonia guitarist, Fredrik Norrman, his brother and guitarist Mattias Norrman (ex-Katatonia), vocalist Alexander Högbom (Demonical), bassist Johan Jönsegård (Letters From The Colony) and drummer Jonas Sköld (Letters From The Colony / Thenighttimeproject). While Fredrik prefers for the music to speak for itself, he finds the new album "a bit more aggressive, a bit more death metal, and with an overall colder feeling than previous records".

"In Splendor Below" album was mixed and mastered by Karl Daniel Lidén at Tri-Lamd studios (Bloodbath, Katatonia, Breach, Craft). It was produced by Alexander Backlund from Nailvillage Studio (Thenighttimeproject / Letters From Colony) and OCTOBER TIDE. Tomarum av Christine Linde created the cover artwork.

1. I, The Polluter
2. We Died in October
3. Ögonblick Av Nåd
4. Stars Starve Me
5. Our Famine
6. Guide My Pulse
7. Seconds
8. Envy of the Moon

www.facebook.com/octobertideband / www.agoniarecords.com

ARSTIDIR LIFSINS - Album Details & New Video

Outstanding German/Icelandic metallers ARSTIDIR LIFSINS return with their highly anticipated 4th album entitled "Saga á tveim tungum I: Vápn ok viðr". Like all previous outputs, the album will be released via German quality label Ván Records on exclusive 2LP, Digipack CD and known digital channels - coming on April 26th, 2019.

A video clip for the song "Morðbál á flugi ok klofin mundriða hjól" is now available at this location: https://youtu.be/gUnoNDFibKE

Since 2008, the art of ARSTIDIR LIFSINS breathes Old Norse history on all levels. Entirely sung in Old Icelandic and twinned with its sister album ‘Saga á tveim tungum II: Eigi fjǫll né firðir’ to be released in late 2019, ‘Vápn ok viðr’ takes you on a journey to the brutal power attempts of (in)famous Norwegian king Óláfr helgi Haraldsson in the early eleventh century as it is portrayed in the vernacular medieval Scandinavian sources.

1. Fornjóts synir ljótir at Haddingja lands lynláðum
2. Sundvǫrpuðir ok áraþytr
3. Morðbál á flugi ok klofin mundriða hjól
4. Líf á milli hveinandi bloðkerta
5. Stǫng óð gylld fyr gǫngum ræfi
6. Siðar heilags brá sólar ljósi
7. Vandar jǫtunn reisti fiska upp af vǫtnum
8. Fregit hefk satt
9. Haldi oss frá eldi, eilífr skapa deilir

www.facebook.com/arstidirlifsins / www.van-records.de

ISTAPP - New Album "The Insidious Star" - Details and Trackstream revealed

ISTAPP finally return with their fourth longplayer "The Insidious Star" in their known frosty manner!

The album, garnished with an amazing artwork by renowned artist Pär Olofsson, will be released on 26th April 2019 via Trollzorn on CD, LP (including a bonustrack) and digitally.

A first track entitled "Natten Da Gud Blundade (1888)" is streaming here: https://youtu.be/stCnkfpVk8w

Ever since their formation in 2005 in the South East of Sweden, ISTAPP deliver brilliant masterpieces of noble Melodic Black Metal and celebrate majestic uplifting Scandinavian art. Impetuous wildness meets highly melodic aesthetics strikingly harmonious!

1. Eternal Winter
2. Dit Solen Aldrig Nar
3. Natten Da Gud Blundade (1888)
4. Snowball Earth
5. Muspelheim
6. The Alliance of Cold
7. The Insidious Star
8. Vita Doeden
9. Orrekulle

LP Bonustrack: "Maifrost" - feat. vocals & lyrics by Alboin (EIS)

www.facebook.com/Istapp-Official-125581444205995 / www.trollzorn.de

USURPER - New Songstream 'Warlock Moon'

Chicago’s USURPER have unleashed another song from their upcoming comeback album "Lords of the Permafrost"!

“Warlock Moon” is now streaming at this location: https://youtu.be/jnK7k6PKMio

Mastermind Rick Scythe comments on the track: "Warlock Moon is a speed metal anthem that balances unrelenting, maniacal, riffage with fist-banging, barbarian power - which made it the perfect choice for the opener to side B of our new album, "Lords of the Permafrost". This song sounds like it could have been a lost track from our 1999 album, "Skeletal Season" - stripped-down, unpretentious, and 100% hard! Cram this molten slab of metal into your ear-holes, and prepare for a neck-breaking frenzy!"

"Warlock Moon" is the third single of USURPER’s sixth full-length which will be out on Soulseller Records on March 22nd, 2019.

Pre-Orders: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/lords-of-the-permafrost & https://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com/search/?q=usurper (USA)

1. Skull Splitter
2. Beyond the Walls of Ice ( https://youtu.be/krH6YOyUlLQ )
3. Lords of the Permafrost ( https://youtu.be/LpVJT21xeXU )
4. Cemetery Wolf
5. Warlock Moon
6. Gargoyle
7. Black Tide Rising
8. Mutants of the Iron Age

www.facebook.com/usurper.chicago / www.soulsellerrecords.com

SPIRIT ADRIFT – New Album Announcement - Divided By Darkness

Phoenix-based Metallers SPIRIT ADRIFT will release their highly anticipated third full-length, "Divided By Darkness", on 10th May via 20 Buck Spin.

Recorded under the guidance of Sanford Parker (Darkthrone, Eyehategod, Tombs) and garnished with a cover artwork by nenowned artist Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Magic Circle, Autopsy), the follow-up to "Curse Of Conception" (2017) turns out as a timeless record for the ages with masterful musicianship and huge production. Be prepared for SPIRIT ADRIFT’s heaviest and most accessible album to date!

A videoclip for the first single "Hear Her" is available at this location: https://youtu.be/-s45Zmvdfo0

1. We Will Not Die
2. Divided By Darkness
3. Born Into Fire
4. Angel & Abyss
5. Tortured By Time
6. Hear Her
7. Living Light
8. The Way Of Return

www.facebook.com/SpiritAdrift / www.20buckspin.com

ORIGIN - New Anniversary Album "Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence" - First Single available

Iconic, American, technical death metallers ORIGIN will release their anniversary album "Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence" on May 3rd worldwide via Agonia Records.

Revisit the origins of ORIGIN with the new single "Mind Asylum": the pre-ORIGIN era, never-before released track! The single is available at this link, and comes with a video made by David Hall: https://youtu.be/vCrnou_gmtA

"Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence" was recorded and recreated from the original 1991-1996 era that preceded ORIGIN's official formation. The album features never-before released tracks, that laid foundations to one of America's top death metal purveyors. The tracks on "Abiogensis" were recreated to the best of his ability, by founding ORIGIN member & mastermind Paul Ryan, who recorded all instruments himself, between 2013 and 2018.

The twelve-track album includes eighth new (previously unreleased) tracks from the pre-ORIGIN period, spanning from the "Necrotomy" (1990-1991) to "Thee Abomination" (1992-1993) era of the band (the "Abiogenesis" part of the album). They're followed by a remastered version of ORIGIN's first ever EP from 1998 (and first ever death metal recording to use the "gravity blast" drumming technique) as a special bonus re-release for all ORIGIN fans & album collectors ("A Coming Into Existence" part). This EP was never available for worldwide release before.

Paul comments: "Over the years people have asked me how Origin just came to be as a band so ferocious virtually out of nowhere. This is a small summary of the Origins of Origin. Basically, I spent a lot of my youth at shows at the outhouse practicsng garage grinding, basement blasting & shed shredding anywhere I️ could, composing as what my father would call 'Infernal Racket' as I was very passionate about death metal. That's all I ever wanted to do. A lot of missed opportunities as we just couldn't put it together into making a album (some music was meant to be underground), so these tracks are some of my earliest creations from the Necrotomy (1990-1991) & Thee Abomination (1992-1993) period".

The "Abiogenesis" album was written between 1990 and 1993 and recorded between 2013 and 2018. David Nollac took care of the tracking at Hyde Street Studios in San Francisco (Ca), with final mix and master done by long-time ORIGIN collaborator, Robert Rebeck. The latter remastered "A Coming Into Existence" bonus EP in 2018, for the needs of this release. The bonus EP was originally recorded and mixed at Mercy Studios in Lawrence (Kansas) by said Robert Rebeck, back in 1998. The "Abiogenesis" cover artwork features a photo of the "Pillars of Creation" from the new advanced Hubble space telescope.

1. Insanity*
2. Mauled**
3. Autopsied Alive**
4. Spastic Regurgitation*
5. Bleed as Me*
6. Mind Asylum*
7. Infestation*
8. Murderer**
"A Coming Into Existence"
9. Lethal Manipulation: The Bonecrusher Chronicles***
10. Sociocide***
11. Manimal Instincts***
12. Inner Reflections The Pain from Within***

* Necrotomy (pre-Origin) 1990-91.
**Thee Abomination (pre-Origin) 1992-93.
*** Origin 1997-98

www.facebook.com/Origin / www.agoniarecords.com

NIXA - New Lyric Video "Seed"

NIXA are a South Florida-situated Doom Metal threesome comprised of Valentin Mellström (vocals), Raul Valentine (guitar, bass), and Michael Rodriguez (drums). With plenty of Doom and Sludge, the band's version of Metal also holds some terrific ambient parts.

All that said, the music is downright sick and we can prove it, with "Seed", the first single from their upcoming album "Opus Tierra"- out 22nd March 2019 via War Anthem Records.


1. Opus Tierra
2. Seed
3. Ambrosia
4. Destroyer
5. House of Serpents
6. The Mound
7. Restless Seer

www.facebook.com/nixaband / www.war-anthem.de

URZA - Debut Album "The Omnipresence Of Loss" - Details revealed

Be prepared for the bottomless apocalypse!

URZA slowly come over us with their debut "The Omnipresence Of Loss", delivering five agonizing songs in excess length. The album will be released on 15th March 2019 via Solitude Productions.

The Berlin based quintet, with many years of experience in the field of Metal, uses Death Metal influences as virtuously as Funeral Doom trademarks and is already setting the bar high for the second album that is currently being written. URZA have already performed successfully at the Dutch Doom Days, the Haunting The Castle Fest and the Berlin Swamp Fest - more gigs to come!

For a first impression check out "Path Of Tombs" und "Demystifying The Blackness" on Bandcamp: https://urza-doom.bandcamp.com

1. Lost In Decline
2. A History Of Ghosts
3. Path Of Tombs
4. From The Vaults To Extermination
5. Demystifying The Blackness

https://www.facebook.com/Urza-Doom / https://solitude-prod.com

STELLAR MASTER ELITE – New Album "Hologram Temple" – Details & Songstream revealed

German Extreme Metallers STELLAR MASTER ELITE proudly announce their new and fourth full-length "Hologram Temple“ – to be released on 3rd May 2019 via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork.

It was recorded in the band’s own studio while drums, mix and mastering were done together with Markus Stock at Klangschmiede Studio E.

STELLAR MASTER ELITE consistently pursue their style of Black Metal, Doom and experimental music. Deep tuned, fuzzy guitars meet pushing rhythms and analogue synthesizers.

A first track is already available for streaming - be prepared for getting reprogrammed with "Freewill Decrypted": https://youtu.be/76cac_HUjJg

Pre-Orders are available in different formats (CD, limited 2-LP, limited die-hard-package) at this location: https://unholyconspiracydeathwork.bigcartel.com/category/preorder-stellar-master-elite-hologram-temple

1. Null
2. Freewill Decrypted
3. Apocalypsis
4. Ad Infinitum
5. The Beast We Have Created
6. Agitation - Consent - War
7. Black Hole Dementia
8. The Secret Of Neverending Chaos
9. Tetragon

www.stellarmasterelite.com / www.ucdeath.com

KHNVM - Foretold Monuments Of Flesh - New Songstream

Testimony Records proudly presents a second song of the upcoming KHNVM album "Foretold Monuments Of Flesh"!

"Gutted To The Bone" is now streaming on the following platforms.

YouTube: https://youtu.be/pj9VYkMhGfM
Bandcamp: https://tinyurl.com/ydypa4nl
Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/y48xmwjc

The duo’s debut full-length will be released on 29th March 2019 on CD (limited, hand-numbered digipack), LP (limited silver vinyl & black vinyl) and in digital versions.

It was mixed and mastered by Tastemaker Audio (USA) and features a guest appearance by James Coppolino (Abysmal Dawn) on drums for the song "Sic Mundus Creatus Est".

Pulverizing Old School Death Metal from Germany/Bangladesh!

1. Foretold Monuments Of Flesh ( https://youtu.be/jr8RYkgyOrw )
2. Invocato Deo Plaga
3. Heathen Beast
4. Sic Mundus Creatus Est
5. Profaning The Ancient Rites
6. Gutted To The Bone
7. Kabbalah Of Darkness

www.facebook.com/KHNVM666 / www.facebook.com/testimonyrecords
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